Kals' Naan Stop

Here at Kals' Naan Stop we have, four types of samosa, pakhora, butter chicken, fresh baked naan bread, and much more! 

Did you also know, our ENTIRE MENU is GLUTEN FREE !!

- Naan Bread 
- Pizza of any kind 
- Samosas

You can always substitute your Naan bread for popadom (fermented lentils) or extra rice. We also carry many vegetarian options as well.

Stop What You're Doing and try Kals' Naan Stop!


Beautiful Butter Chicken

You can never go wrong with Butter Chicken. There is a perfect blend of chicken, curry and many other delicious spices in this classic dish. Don't just sit there with your mouth watering, order now!


Noteworthy Naan

Naan is an Indian flat bread that is a staple with every meal. Have it plain, with butter or with garlic butter. Take it one taste further and customize with your choice of toppings. Order Now!


Scrumptious Samosas

The Samosa is a classic favourite. Filled with delicious ingredients and deep fried to golden crispy perfection. Meat or vegertarian options available. You know you want them! Order now!